Monday, 28 November 2011

Messages of Joy

I started exploring other ways to reach the minds of bus commuters - things that they can enjoy whilst waiting for their bus. In continuation of my Helvetica explorations, I created cards and envelopes for readers to find on bus stops. These cards include activities, a story, and a simple message of SMILE.

I took the helvetica explorations images and added text to the back.

 The text varied. One card had an exercise routine, yet another activity to do while on the bus.
The next a story about LA, encouraging bus commuters to communicate with one another.
And the third encouraging the commuter to take notice of his/her surroundings while on the bus.
In addition, another 'card' was created. This one being slightly more interactive. This one relied on the mood of the commuter, truth be told I can't assume how everyone is feeling so it encourages one to address their mood and then find some possible useful activity. On the front, you find your mood, turn the card over and find your activity - each activity matching the mood of the commuter.

In exploring 'joy,' I came across the idea of these oh so random cards. They simply have a goofy photo on front with the word SMILE on the back. My intention for these cards are to be found in either the envelopes or perhaps left on the bus. I picture someone sitting there and seeing the photo of the crazy chicken and not help but chuckle. Upon showing the images to friends and classmates, I saw that they got a here's to hoping the same effect happens with bus commuters.

To spread cheer, to spread awareness.

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