Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beyond the companion

I received an email from Lothian buses saying that they cannot put my publications on their buses due to a contract they currently have with Metro newspaper. This wasn't solely bad news, in fact after much thinking and head banging against my desk for new ideas - they finally popped up! It was sort of a release, a bit of freedom. I can now design without having thinking I will have to 'sell' this work/idea to a company. I can finally design for myself and my audience!

For context, we have to create an event where we receive feedback on our work from our target audience. I threw away the idea of the Lothian companion and came up with these 'gifts' to give to commuters. These gifts continue with activities, quotes and newly....hand sanitizer.

I want people to interact with things outside what they're used to! Put down their book and pick up with gift that has a page for them to pass a note to a neighbour. Or a page that is just to wrap up their up, because we all know buses need to be cleaner. Or perhaps a page to draw. Why not? 

I've been forced to think about other ways to communicate my message, I am always influenced by Stefan Sagmeister and truth be told...every piece of work he creates. He always goes beyond the norm and of course there is a large part of me that's truly jealous of his mind. In his work 'my life' (trying to look good limits my life, he creates words that aren't on printed media, aren't posters but could be found in everyday objects.

Though my event is still on printed materials, I know this to be the next step to exploring other areas of communicating my message. Now to get my hands dirty...

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