Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I have an inkling...

2 colds/flus, 1 food poisoning, 1 sprained knee, 1 laptop crash has all equaled one hell of a semester. Perhaps I'm getting it all out this semester? That it's nothing but clear blue skies from here on out...here's to hoping!

Moving on, designing my pitch for the ECA Fashion Show was a great experience. The idea definitely progressed and developed much throughout the passed month - but the concept remained the same. The concept sprouted through the idea of fluidity found in ink and water, how fashion shows must remain fluid. It's one piece after another, it must continue and keep moving. There are no pauses, there is no stopping, keep going, keep moving, keep progressing.

From this I played around with photographing ink in water. I found it to be beautiful in the way that I had no control in the shapes made and created. It was a challenge I enjoyed.

Through this, my first design developed. High contrast between the bright orange and strong black. My idea for ticket would have been a postable 'perfume/ink' like liquid. Continuing with the concept of fluidity. After critique of this work, I was told that perhaps the ink looked a bit like 'bodily fluid' or something that could be found within one's body...something that perhaps isn't so attractive.

My next design consisted of changing the bright appearance of the orange ink and masking it through the black ink shape.

After I finished this revision, I had realized that perhaps Halloween was on my mind too much...seeing the colours and also how the 'Rorschach' mirrored effect made it look somewhat like a skull. Sinister? Perhaps. Again, the criticism of this revision was that it still reminded others of bodily fluids. At this point, I still didn't see it. After looking at it extensively, it appeared! From here on out, I couldn't look at this image without thinking, 'semen, semen, semen, semen...'

At this point I knew I still wanted to continue with the concept of ink in water and fluidity...but how can I do that without creating a design that looks like..well you get the point by now.

Having just read up on Gustav Klimt, my new design came alive.

I created a new image made from only 3 images of ink in water. I took geometric shapes from these images to create a new image. I fell in love with the contrast of ink being fluid and smooth, and these geometric shapes having hard edges, it was an ironic marriage formed. I started working on this image and worked the whole night through, it was after this night that flu #2 attacked me, I guess that's what lack of sleep does.

Details of the dress/body being made ^

Final design of the poster ^

Final design of the inside spread for the brochure, conveying a mirrored 'Rorschach' like concept. ^

And just as a sidenote: This should have been my first sign that my laptop was about to give way - Every time I hit save, this is what my image looked like as it was saving. Step one in how to give a graphic designer a heart attack...

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