Thursday, 5 April 2012

Head Out West, Glasgow

It was only recently that I heard Glasgow had a transport museum. This makes sense being that the only underground rail is found in Glasgow. A visit was long overdue considering that I've never ridden the "Clockwork Orange." (Glasgow's Subway).

I can't quite pin point what I loved so much about Glasgow's Subway. Perhaps it's the fact that it's so old and small. It's the opposite of the Tube. The Tube being busy, overcrowded, hot. Glasgow's Subway was empty, there were only four cars. It is a single circle, apparently you can do the whole loop in 20 minutes. That made me smile. From city centre, Clockwork Orange got  me right to my destination - Riverside Museum - Glasgow's Transport Museum.

London Transport Museum's goal is to be the world's best transport museum (taken from their mission statement). But after visiting the Riverside Museum, I will have to say Glasgow might currently be in the lead. Granted, it has just moved and is in a whole new building - new exhibits.

Glasgow's Transport Museum takes you back in time. There are Hollywood like sets that you walk through and feel as if you're back in a time when the previous transport type was used. Want to know what the world looked like when we used horses and buggies? Make a left into this alley.

Glasgow's Transport Museum is also more interactive. There are more opportunities for the audience to work with certain exhibits.

People are drawn to history, they're drawn to the past. Glasgow Transport Museum proves this.