Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Show Must Go On...

Many issues have arisen with this exhibit. Yes, we are in the Sculpture Court - the most visited area of ECA. But that comes with a price. Actually a high price.

We are provided birch panels. They are beautiful. But apparently because of their price, we are not allowed to do any 'permanent' damage to them. For example, putting a hole in them. This is an issue considering I'm hanging 12 Aluminium mounted prints.

Additionally, the colour of the birch washes out my work. Making it almost look sick. A greenish tone.

The solution: take boards, paint them white and attach them to the birch. It hasn't been enjoyable, it has been 3 days, 5 coats, and no matter what I cannot wash the paint off my skin.

But it is worth it. The pieces look great against the white.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Always Moving, Always Changing

My work has developed much this semester. Especially in relation to how it will be displayed for the degree show.

I've finally and completely given up on the tracking system - allowing my images to be moveable against the wall. I gave it one more shot, I went to a few local model shops and inquired about their train tracks. Of course, their train tracks are only meant to lay flat on the ground and not against the wall. Therefore making it nearly impossible to attach anything to it.

I've decided to keep the images still and allow the audiences eyes to move. To move through a story. I've been working on numerous posters that convey relaxation in transport. Imagery from history and colours that signify a time when trains and planes were fun. Think red lipstick, bright blue eyes, think vintage advertisements.

 Final Degree Show Layout: