Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Show Must Go On...

Many issues have arisen with this exhibit. Yes, we are in the Sculpture Court - the most visited area of ECA. But that comes with a price. Actually a high price.

We are provided birch panels. They are beautiful. But apparently because of their price, we are not allowed to do any 'permanent' damage to them. For example, putting a hole in them. This is an issue considering I'm hanging 12 Aluminium mounted prints.

Additionally, the colour of the birch washes out my work. Making it almost look sick. A greenish tone.

The solution: take boards, paint them white and attach them to the birch. It hasn't been enjoyable, it has been 3 days, 5 coats, and no matter what I cannot wash the paint off my skin.

But it is worth it. The pieces look great against the white.

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