Saturday, 24 March 2012

To The Modern World

It was about time I visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. I will be honest in saying I've been avoiding this visit for a long time now. I'm not normally drawn to Modern Art exhibits.

Saying that, I was extremely impressed with The Sculpture Show on display at the National Gallery. Jaw dropping.

The Real Body exhibit is overwhelming. You are in a room with lifelike figures, so lifelike that they seem like real individuals - models perhaps on standby and at any moment would jump out at you.

In the way it's enticing to the audience, I too want to convey that magnetic draw from piece to audience. Clearly my work will not be so bold, but there was something to learn from the power a single piece can have. One does not need a giant bus shelter or bright/bold lights to draw in the audience.

Outside the gallery is a trail of more sculptures and installations. The museum provides a trail map (meant for kids clearly, but my friend and I made an exception) to take you from piece to piece. It was this interactive type of display that inspires me. I have two 1200x2400 panels. How can I create an interactive display for my audience? How do I lure them in? How do I get them to find joy in public transport?

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