Sunday, 18 March 2012

Escape to Nature

The Royal Botanic Gardens have always been my favorite getaway in Edinburgh. It's a simple bus fare away (or walking distance on a good day) and a chance to be surrounded by peace and tranquility. Truth be told, I even have a favorite bench that's hidden in the trees.

Today I decided to take a break from studio work, course work, context and escape to the trees and nature.

Coincidentally, there were a few exhibits displayed.

The exhibit Hard Rain was on display. The aim of the exhibit was to bring attention the need of sustainable development. Photographs were on display outside the green house that convey “our headlong collision with nature.”

The exhibit was memorable due to of course the Bob Dylan song playing over and over again, but also because it's rare to find such large displays of photography outdoors. Especially where you least expect it: botanic gardens.

Continuing on the trail, I came upon a tree wrapped in pink material.

It immediately reminded my of street art and yarn bombing:

The pink tree in the gardens though stood for raising awareness for breast cancer. It stopped many visitors in their tracks as they just stared at a pink tree. If the intent was to gain reaction, it was successful.

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