Sunday, 11 December 2011

Unfinished projects

Of course it's the end of the semester and I feel it's ironic that this is when most ideas pop into my head. Why couldn't these have shown up a bit earlier in the semester? But moving on, here are ideas in my mind and now on here but are not created YET. Yet being the most important word. Truth is, time ran out for this semester's deadline. Though they're not created yet, they're still in my mind with an intention of exploring and creating.

First project targeting walking commuters and encouraging them to look up whilst they walk. Not look down and into their own world. It mimics slightly that of a scavenger hunt, allowing your eyes to follow such words.

This being a simplified mock-up, but stenciled in the sidewalk the words LOOK UP followed by a sign that says SMILE pointing to IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Whether people would agree it's a beautiful day or not, hopefully they would at least look up and enjoy something new and peculiar to their morning commute.

The next unfinished idea involves making grips for bus handles and poles. It's odd, comfy grips are made for so many things, but why not public transportation? Cars have comfy steering wheels, bikes too. Even brush handles are now made for comfort.

Of course in all honesty, this idea did spark much from being on crutches this semester. The palms of our hands are important, give them a break every once in awhile.

The third unfinished project is somewhat more simplified, it is that of creating possibly humorous messages on bus stops. Messages that encourage bus transport. The example provided is simple at most, but I see bus stops as a canvas. A canvas that is not taken advantaged of.

The final unfinished idea would be to convey comfort on bus stop seats. Bus stop seats are uncomfortable, hard, and unwelcoming. Of course they're meant to be temporary seats, but we've all waited for a delayed bus before, and the customer shouldn't have to suffer because the bus is late.

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